WTM-860i Digital Transmodulaator

A-100 ASI-IP Transcoder, bi-directional




M-100 Digital HD Modulator COFDM/QAM/DTMB/ATSC Available
*High Technology Integration of HD Encoder and Modulator
*H.264 1080P ready for digital TV HD/SD and digital CCTV
*Ready to consolidate existing RF coaxial cabling (ANT . IN)
*Compatible with any terrestrial/cable tuner ready digital TV set/box
*HDMI and CVBS input available for HD or SD performance
*Professional Switching Power Supply for commercial operation
Combo for HeadEnd Hardware Equipment
*Transmux Modulator WXM-860SL
-To accept 2 satellite QPSK signals and 2 ASI signals
-To multiplex and edit channels
-To do QAM modulation by Broadcom IC.
-RF output frequency agile by professional upconverter
CodecGuard Coding & Decoding plus SMS
*Manage 100,000 subscribers.
*Easily chain connection with hubs.df
*Simply working on a Windows Personal Computer.
*Hardware scrambler built in.
*No more to pay for longterm royalties & license fee.
C2 Super Cable Decoder
*Digital Cable Decoder DVB-C, HD/SD, H.264, MPEG-2/4.
*Support Winersat CodecGuard system.
*USB 2.0 Host Support (PVR,MP3 Player &Picture Viewer)


Digital Headend Products Applications

*Flexible Consolidation of Encoder to IP